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Our Pack Needs Your Help To Survive!!!

It is with a heavy heart that we are saying goodbye to Tom and Lori Foster. Their youngest son Ryan is graduating this coming February from Cub Scouts.

Through the many years that Tom and Lori have been there to support their boys through Cub Scouting and continue to do so through Boy Scouts, they have also been consistently generous with their time and talent to keep the Pack going and specifically GROWING.

Tom has acted as our Membership Chair for the last several years helping to make sure we have always had strong recruiting plans and efforts as well as keeping things straight on the business end with Council on the Pack’s behalf.

Losing Tom and Lori will be felt through our efforts and program.

The GOOD NEWS!join-membership

We have many very talented and generous parents, grandparents, and friends of scouting.


We need to firm up a new Membership Chair person ASAP.

In order to continue with a strong Pack as we have had for several years, we need to continue to receive support and specifically service from YOU.

We are in need of One or One primary and one assistant Membership Chair.

Roles and Responsibilities:
– New Member contact
– Lead Recruting Efforts (Spring, Fall)
– Recharter November/December
– Maintain Pack Roster on spreadsheet (in Google Drive) and Scoutbook (Online Tracking)

If you have the passion to support your kids and believe that scouting is a fantastic program and opportunity for your scout, we encourage and plead with you and other friends of scouting you may know to consider taking on this role.

This position must be filled by February 20th, 2017 otherwise we risk a significant decline in the strength of our scouting program.

The strength, integrity, consistency, and growth of this scouting unit relies on you to help make it the best possible unit we can for our sons.

If you would like to discuss this further or recommend we talk to someone you know that is interested, please contact us.

Charlie Krueger –
Tom Courtney –
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