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Saying goodbye to our Arrow of Light Scouts February 2023

February is one of the busiest months in scouting. It’s the birthday of Boy Scouts in America on February 8. We started our month off with Pinewood Derby. It’s definitely a fun and creative activity!

Pinewood Derby

Here’s a list of our winners:


  1. Connor
  2. Kyle


  1. Gavin
  2. Joe
  3. Isaac


  1. James
  2. Cam
  3. Toby
    Best design Logan


  1. James
  2. Cam
  3. Toby
    Best design Logan


  1. Jonathon
  2. Alex

Arrow of Light:

  1. Colin
  2. Brayden
  3. Jake

Best in Pack:

  1. Gavin
  2. Luke
  3. Colin

Celebrating our Leaders

Our leaders are amazing people that help make the pack go. Without these volunteers we would not have a pack! Our award recipients this time were Angie as Rookie of the Year, Erica with Excellence in Leadership, and our past Cubmaster Tom got District Award of Merit.

Tiger Den Meeting

Our Tigers (and a couple siblings) worked on the Shapes in Art elective. They learned how different shapes can be put together to make more interesting art. They also made a 3D water color painting based off of a Van Gogh painting.

Bear Den Meeting

Bears presented about their pets or how animals help us. They also played animal Pictionary. Our den only had cats and dogs.

Blue and Gold

Our last event of the month was bittersweet. We always love seeing what our kids earn and seeing what they’ve accomplished so far this year, but Blue and Gold is also where we say “see ya later” to our Arrow of Light Scouts and a few leaders. Our Cubmaster, Erica, moved on from being Cubmaster…don’t worry she’ll still be around as Chartered Organization Rep. We also lost Calvin. They’ve both been such great leaders and we will miss them in their roles. We had 3 scouts cross over to Scouts BSA in February. One scout went to Troop 131 and the other two went to Troop 75. We had a fun afternoon celebrating the scouts, having a bake auction and silent auction, and having a yummy taco bar.

See you in March

We are beginning our Spring Roundup. We’d love to see your kids have fun in scouts with our kids. Hope you come join us for a future pack or den meeting and see how much fun your child could have as well. Be back soon with a March Activity Roundup.

Starting out the new year! January 2023

A new year is a time to start fresh and get excited about a “clean slate.” Our scouts always look forward to our annual Lock-in that happens in January. This year we didn’t have the very late night option, we just had a BRAC Takeover which the scouts had a great time at. Swimming, Pizza, dodgeball and fun!


Each one of the ranks has the option to earn a yo-yo elective. Our Webelos earned this elective in January.

Swimming on land

The Bears met and learned some swimming and boating safety in their Salmon Run elective. In the pictures they are practicing the the reach and throw rescues and then playing charades with some swimming and boating words.

Last Minute Sledding

One of the parents threw up in our group that they were going sledding and a few of the scouts were able to get together and sled last minute.

New Eagle Scout

January 31 one of our Pack 134 alumni, Trevor Fisher, had his Eagle Board of Review and was awarded Eagle. Not only did he earn Eagle but he also earned 3 Eagle Palms. Congrats Trevor! We are all very proud of you.

What’s to come in February

February is a busy month in scouting. It’s the birthday of BSA and we celebrate our Blue and Gold and we also have Pinewood Derby. Be on the lookout for the February post to see how much fun we had.

Ending our year Strong! December 2022

December was full of activities whether Scout or personal and we had a great time!

Bear Giggles

Our Bears started off the month practicing skits for Pack Night and played a game where they tried to make others laugh without laughing themselves.

Cernan Space Center

On December 10 some members of our Pack visited the Cernan Planetarium. They had an “out of this world” experience!

Earth Rocks!

Our Webelos 2 (Arrow of Light Scouts) worked on the Earth Rocks Adventure. Webelos learn all about geology and the earth while doing the Earth Rocks! adventure. They will find out more about rocks and minerals. And they will learn how to identify geological features on a map. They also had a flash Scout Law Quiz.

Pack Night

At Pack Night we awarded all of the winners from our Raingutter Regatta Races, handed out a small Christmas present to each scout, had a lot of fun skits put on by the Bear rank, and took a small hike around the Village Square to see the town decorations.

Pack 134 Wishes you a Happy New Year! Please come and visit us at our next Pack Night on January 17. We have so many fun adventures coming this year starting with our BRAC Takeover, Pinewood Derby Races, and Blue and Gold Ceremony. We hope you join us!

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