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Religious Emblem Awards

While we continue to tread through the COVID restrictions, some things worth spending time on as scouts are your religious emblem awards.

A scout is reverent. Spend some time giving focus to God and your faith and get an award for it.

Some resources available: which is the scouting page for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Joliet. There you can find information and contact info to help answer questions you may have. You can also call (815) 834-4012. which is the National Catholic Council of Scouting.

For other faiths and denominations, you can visit

Another great resource;

NOTE: There are additional religious awards available to adults so please take a look at those opportunities as well.

Add patches, medals, and knots to your uniform!

Pack 134 Pushes Ahead in Spite of COVID-19

No Pandemic will keep this Pack down.

Since our last inside Pack Night in March 2020, Pack 134 has been persistent about providing program and opportunity for regular engagement as a Pack. Through different activities virtually as well as in person and outside, Pack 134 continues to provide a scouting experience as fully as possible with the limitations being put on us by the State and BSA National and Rainbow Council. Rainbow Council as well as our Chartered Organization have been very supportive of our actions through carefully considered plans and execution minimizing the risk and liability on all through temperature taking, attendance tracking, personal sanitizing and hygiene, sanitizing of stations, and social distancing.

I am please to report a successful Summer so far with customized home visits to facilitate rank graduation thanks to our committed committee and Cubmaster. Each scout received a special touch-less and social distanced home visit coordinated with parents presence and availability. On top of the special accommodations to make the graduation special, we continue to meet outside which has included our Popcorn kick-off Pack Night in July and then our Pack Olympics in August.

Our leadership is committed to ensuring that no matter what, there is always a scouting experience to be had and we will continue to keep all of our scouts and scouting families engaged.

Whats coming up?…

We are currently taking new scout registrations to join our Pack and have already had several new scouts join us attracted by the continued engagement and program we offer our scouts.

In September we have our special show and tell Pack Night scheduled where we will have special guests provide an awesome demonstration of science to intrigue our scouts and families. Also in September is our annual Council Family Camp which our Committee Chair, Charlie Krueger, happens to be the camp director for.

October will bring us to our annual Raingutter Regatta boat race event where we will race our home made regatta boats in a setting which is made safe and sanitary for all participants. Additionally, in October, we will have a Fall Festival celebrating the changing of seasons and symbolizing the changes our seasons in our lives moving to the next chapter of our journey.

Through it all we continue to focus on the core values we share as scouts enabling us all to be better, more compassionate, and productive people in this world founded with strength of self reliance and responsibility.

If you know of someone interested in belonging to a community that has fun no matter what and who has a strong foundation of core values, please tell them to come join us. We are here and always welcome all.

Join Today!

Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year on behalf of all of our Pack leadership and Chartered Organization, VFW Post 5917.

With the challenges of 2019 behind us moving forward and ahead into 2020, we eagerly look forward to the coming year with Pack 134.

In 2019;

  • We raised over $9,000 for children’s cancer research with St. Baldricks
  • Served as members of the Color Guard (23 participants) assisting in the Pledge of Allegiance at the Bolingbrook Memorial Day Ceremony
  • Members of Pack 134 participated in a Flag Burning Ceremony helping to properly retire old and worn flags
  • Collected over 2,000 Lbs of food in the “Scouting for Food” program
  • Collected over 2,000 pop tops for the Ronald McDonald House
  • Served at the Bolingbrook Veterans Day Ceremony
  • 25 participants packed 25,056 meals for those in need with Feed My Starving Children
  • Pack 134 provided a Christmas morning with presents for a family of 7 when they would otherwise not have anything to open and share.

Pack 134 has been providing a strong and consistent program for more than 35 years with our start back in 1983. Thank you to all of the volunteers, families, and scouts of the past who set the precedent and example for us all to follow.

There are many concerns, discussion, and opinions about what scouting has become and where it is going. Scouting has never been the establishments making but has been the creation of those participating in it. Scouting is what you make of it and what you put into it. Our Pack has been an example of this for many years and continues to encourage the development of the Pack, it’s program, and its membership through your input, feedback, and participation.

After the above list of what we accomplished as a Pack in 2019, you can’t say that our presence doesn’t matter in our community.

I wish you all the best for 2020 and look forward o working with all of you to make this the best year ever for our Pack, it’s families, and our community. Thank you to all who make it possible!

Please see the following link for a message from Rainbow Council’s CEO, Ted Karns.

Yours in scouting,

Charlie Krueger | Pack 134 Committee Chair

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