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Family Camp FAQ’s

(see more info on our Family Camp Info Page)

Q: Can we register our entire unit or do the families need to register individually

A: You can do either. The registration is pretty self explanatory. You can register as many participant types as applies that way a unit can register as a whole or a family can register individually.


Q:  Can siblings or family members attend?

A:  Absolutely! This is a great opportunity for your whole family to have a great camping
experience. Siblings that are Cub Scout age can participate in most of the activities too!


Q:  Can we bring a pet?

A:  While Cub Scouting is a family activity, we do not have the facilities to accommodate for everyone to bring and care for their pets. Maybe a Family Pet Camp could be considered by someone… 🙂



Q:  If there is rain or bad weather in the forecast will Family Camp be cancelled?

A:  No! Family Camp will happen rain or shine! Be Prepared!


Q: My son has food allergies. Can he still attend?

A:  Yes! Please let us know by email or phone ahead of the weekend and we will
do everything we can to have food that meets his or her needs. If not you may need to bring your own specialty food depending on the situation.


Q: What are camp rules at Family Camp?

A: You can find rules and regulations as well as additional general but important information in our Family Camp Guide (2022 version coming soon but past guides cover most and may only be missing updates).


Q: Is my scout(s) required to have a full uniform?

A: Two part answer:

  1. If Family Camp is themed, a themed costume will serve as a full uniform for the weekend.
  2. If not participating in costuming, while we highly encourage all to be in full uniform, we understand that there are some brand new families given the timing of the event being right after member recruitment efforts. Although we like to see uniforms it will not disqualify anyone from activities if they are not wearing a full uniform.

We do typically do opening flag ceremonies, Breakfast, closing flags, and dinner in full uniform if you have them.


Q: Should we eat before arriving to camp on Friday night?

A: YES! While we will have juice and popcorn available for the movie on Friday night, we strongly recommend that you get dinner prior to arriving to camp on Friday evening.


Q: What is the setup, is this a tent camping event?

A: Yes this is tent camping. Families are responsible for bringing and setting up their own tents. We find that our Pack families help one another as needed. We are also working to have the staff there at that time to be available if help is needed. No promises as this is a volunteer supported camp.


Q: What time is arrival on Friday?

A: We open the parking lot at 5:00pm  and start taking check-in on Friday evening at 5:30pm – 7pm at the Camp Office. HAVE YOUR MEDICAL FORM READY.


Q: Do we need to bring a medical form?

A:  Yes, EVERY participant will need to submit Part A and Part B of the BSA Annual Health
and Medical Record. Part C is not required as it is a camping event that will be less than 72 hours. Forms will be returned at the end of camp Sunday. Forms that are
not returned will be destroyed.


Q: Do we set up near others in our Pack or is it free for all?

A: Camp sites will be assigned at time of check in. We will be grouping families with their units. Depending on the number of participants per unit we may need to split units to more than one site.


Q: Can I Register the day of at check-in?

A: Maybe. Risky. You take your chances as to whether we can accept new registrations, take payment, and facilitate your family with pre-purchased materials and food. There is a chance you show up and have to be turned away because we are unable to facilitate any more people. Best thing to do is register ahead of time within the time windows provided in the registration information.

Appendix: If you show up and we can accommodate you, there will likely be an increased fee and payment will need to be made on the spot and at the time of check-in.


Q: Is there power to blow up an air mattress?

A: Power is very limited. There is some power in the training center where adults can charge phones and you could probably blow up an air mattress there as well. Access to this area may be limited.


Q: If I cannot make it till Saturday, would that be okay and what time should I arrive by?

A: If you are not able to make it until Saturday, that is fine. We will have someone standing by for check-in on Saturday morning from 7am – 9am at the Dining Hall.


Q: We are interested in attending the Family Camp. However, we can only attend Friday Night-Saturday. Do we need to pay the full cost if we are not attending the full weekend?

A: Yes the full cost of camp remains if staying through Saturday as the majority of the camp fees pertain to Saturday’s activities and food.


Q: Will there be a campfire and such to satisfy the webelo requirements?

A: There will be a camp wide closing camp fire that all units are invited and strongly encouraged to participate in. The success of the camp fire will depend on the level of participation we get from the units or families. Bring your skits, songs, and energy to make it a great camp fire! These days it not only helps Webelos with requirements but most of the ranks have a requirement to participate in something like this.


Q: What hash tag should I use?

A: We are using #2022RSRFamilyCamp this year!


Q: Do I need to bring food for this weekend event?

A: Nope! All meals are covered with your registration fee. The only exception is dinner Friday night and if your unit plans to have a cracker barrel back at camp after the closing campfire.

  • Please remember to use common sense and consideration of the out door code. Keep your food stored so animals aren’t tempted and tear into things in your campsite.


Q: Looks like rain this weekend. What do we do about severe weather?

A: We will all meet at the Wilhelm Center dinning hall to take shelter in the case of severe weather. There are emergency plans in place and some of this is described in our Family Camp Guide (coming soon) and will be reviewed at camp.


Q: Are there showers available?

A: Yes! There are facilities up front near the Dinning Hall which includes (4) private showers. There are also separate dedicated shower facilities, (1) for boys 17 and under, (1) for adult men 18 and older, and (1) for girls and woman. This is behind the dining hall on the path to Shady Oaks and in between Staff Row and Deer Run.


Q: Do we have to prepare our own meals?

A: All meals are prepared for you by our wonderful volunteer staff. Throughout the weekend we may ask a couple adults to help out here or there with some very simple minor tasks in the kitchen and other. Please remember it is the responsibility of all those participants to help out in the clean up process after every meal. This means cleaning/wiping down your tables, sweeping under tables and chairs, pitching in where ever help is needed. The Kitchen lead will provide more direction at camp about the process.


Q: Will there be options for the movie on Friday night?

A: Depending on availability, we may have an opportunity to vote for a movie at check-in. This isn’t always available and is sometimes limited to movie availability.


Q:  What time does Family Camp end on Sunday?

A:  After breakfast on Sunday we will present the event patches to all of the participants and return medicals to those that want them. Families are then free to break camp, pack their gear, and once we verify your campsites have been clean and you have followed the “Leave No Trace” policy, head home.

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